I promised that come the end of July I’d be a regular blogger. That is not to promise I’d  have anything fascinating to report. I fancied I’d wax lyrical about how my memory is not the reliable beauty it once was- spewing forth lines of dialogues at will, along with complete cast lists and a variety of little used words I had been collecting over the years like tiny ceramic ornaments. (Now I have the Dictionary App that presents me with the word of the day at 6am every morning, therein removing the need for me to collect these oddities any longer).

Well, here we are, August almost upon us, and I can, as usual, give a litany of excuses for my tardy blogger status. These include the deluge that pounded the crap out of Sydney’s coastal region that gave rise to a desperate need for me to lie in a rain soaked gutter clutching two tiny keys in an attempt to open my front gate manually in time to pick up my kids from school. Then there was my second child’s birthday bonanza-last year his birthday was swallowed by the International Date Line so there was a genuine need for this party to rock. Due to the aforementioned weather conditions it was held indoors  (picture twenty boys, a platter of sausages and an assortment of reptiles and you get a fair picture). Add to that the distraction that my favourite boots (Acne Pistols) have taken a hammering in a puddle that reached my thighs and threatened to practically drown my four-year-old, then overlay all this with the ridiculous demands of being a voluntary ‘class parent’ for one of my other kids. Imagine being so computer illiterate that it takes you three weeks to create a contact folder containing the details of every other parent you could dream up and then picture your computer insisting that the folder it happily let you create contains too many recipients to send out group emails about missing gym socks.

Agreed. All these things are mind numbingly banal but combined they tend to hamper my ability to blog.

All this will change.  I just need to stop seeking out those Nutty Health Cookies despite the fact I’m supposedly on a sugar-free-low-GI diet or something.