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Welcome to 2020 and to the world of slhippocampus!

The new decade has dawned dramatically, trailing the carcasses of climate change related devastation in its wake, whilst simultaneously ushering in diplomatic catastrophes, threats of imminent violence, blundering despots, uprisings and nail-bitingly long-awaited court cases. How is this a welcoming introduction to my website, you ask? Well, this year I aim to soothe you with my random, rambling observations of modern life and I’ll throw in a sprinkling of minutiae to provide a brief respite from the madness unfolding around us.

I’m currently writing some new fiction so anything novel or short related is as thrilling to me as a… I dunno, a pair of box-fresh Todds are to someone by the name of Tarquin who is on his way to Tramps following a shooting party.

Please feel free to congratulate me now for not mentioning Brexit thus far. I think the national obsession here will wane slightly under Let’s Get Brexit Done Boris so that we may finally focus on the many other pressing matters that require our thought and attention. Of course, I could be completely wrong, but that will still give me something to write to you about, when they can no longer get urgent pharmaceuticals across the European borders and I end up in hospital. It’ll be jolly. Promise!

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I look forward to spending 2020 with you and don’t worry, everything will be hippocampus.

  1. 29 May 2020

    May 1

    Another best friend’s birthday and we catch up via screen across time-zones.

     Isolation birthdays whizz by, calendar highlights ripped from time’s ledger.

     I return to my desk till 5pm, only popping out to make kids’ lunches, vacuum, do washing, empty dishwasher and tackle disturbing stains on the bathroom floor.

    Evening: Gogglebox and sofa beckon.

    May 2

     Why do Saturday mornings always end in bickering? The walls are closing in but the sun is shining on the tulips. 

    Finally, I get around to a bit of eyebrow grooming for the first time in weeks. It’s all gone to pot. We play a family game of Psych! I wonder if Ellen DeGeneres has any idea how viciously it can be played. When in doubt, ‘gay porn’ is the all-purpose answer.

    May 3

    Sunday, grey skies in lockdown. Over it.

    Beasties Boys Story and Haribo on the sofa. Go for a […]

  2. 30 April 2020

    April 1

    This April Fool is not exactly tickety-boo. Snippets of world news trickle out of BBC Sounds as I lie on the sofa. World Bank forecast bleak. Virus creating panic in India. NSW, Australia forbids gatherings of more than two and will impose ‘hefty fines’ on those who break the law.

    All night bizarre fever dreams see me pursued by a pangolin. I didn’t even give pangolins a second thought till the pandemic, but I should have! Is it possible to have a three-day headache? I have a burning feeling in my bones.

    Over 500 dead in the UK… unspeakable.

    Wimbledon cancelled. Tired of the chopping board.


    April 2

    Dreamt I was on my way to the airport but had left all our passports at home. Did a wide arcing U-turn, neatly ejecting Jack from the side buggy of my motorised shopping […]

  3. 30 March 2020

    9th March

    Hmm not sure what I was thinking with the whole ‘cautiously optimistic outlook’ outlined in my February post. I mean wtf? My Corona Radar was WAY OFF. Perhaps the fact that it was short month that concluded with a big family event rendered me incapable of reading the writing on the wall. Today, with freefalling stock markets, the closure of Italy (!), BA flights grounded, multiple business headquarters closing, including Facebook’s, and the domino-like cancellation of Easter holiday plans I’m not feeling optimistic, even a tiny bit. My wait-and-see mentality has given way to a sober realisation that we are on a flaming trajectory into the unknown.  In 2020 we’ve emerged from bushfires, segued into floods and have now leapfrogged into an episode of The Twilight Zone. From a family perspective, restricted travel bans mean that this will be the most time our family has spent together in years. […]