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Welcome to 2020 and to the world of slhippocampus!

The new decade has dawned dramatically, trailing the carcasses of climate change related devastation in its wake, whilst simultaneously ushering in diplomatic catastrophes, threats of imminent violence, blundering despots, uprisings and nail-bitingly long-awaited court cases. How is this a welcoming introduction to my website, you ask? Well, this year I aim to soothe you with my random, rambling observations of modern life and I’ll throw in a sprinkling of minutiae to provide a brief respite from the madness unfolding around us.

I’m currently writing some new fiction so anything novel or short related is as thrilling to me as a… I dunno, a pair of box-fresh Todds are to someone by the name of Tarquin who is on his way to Tramps following a shooting party.

Please feel free to congratulate me now for not mentioning Brexit thus far. I think the national obsession here will wane slightly under Let’s Get Brexit Done Boris so that we may finally focus on the many other pressing matters that require our thought and attention. Of course, I could be completely wrong, but that will still give me something to write to you about, when they can no longer get urgent pharmaceuticals across the European borders and I end up in hospital. It’ll be jolly. Promise!

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I look forward to spending 2020 with you and don’t worry, everything will be hippocampus.

  1. 26 January 2020

     Last night the BBC weather report concluded with this advice from the meteorologist. ‘Enjoy the gloomy weather as it turns wet and windy next week’. This weekend I’ve been trying to skip through the gloom, but admit it’s been a challenge at this particular time of year, which for me represents peak homesickness. I understand Australia Day evokes a mixed bag of emotions, especially for those who feel it is at odds with the recognition, respect and sensitivity due our indigenous population.  Australia Day for many is a time to not only reflect on our history but to praise those whose tireless efforts have done so much to protect our land. This long weekend, more than ever, I appreciate the men and women who have tirelessly battled the recent fires, and who continue to do so against all odds. This weekend I grieve the loss of our wildlife.

    So, to January in […]

  2. 20 May 2019

    In the relative blink of an omnipotent eye my tiny world turned upside down. Having moved hemispheres in fairly recent times it doesn’t take much to unsettle me. I’m like a plant whose roots are loosely tethered in soil and could be blown away by a hint of a breeze, I’m such a dandelion-hearted simpleton. When we lived in Bronte, NSW, we had a frangipani tree. All six feet of it listed sideways, gnarled branches outstretched towards the Pacific Ocean. The tree had been transported from Gosford and spent its years with us pining for the Central Coast, but despite this, it managed to generate a few patchy blossoms to mark the summers.  They emerged with great effort and then seemed to exist in a state of trepidation.  Theses few flowers trembled in the ocean breezes while the bark took on a mottled patina of protest and I was in a constant […]

  3. 29 January 2019

    January 15

    I count six unmarked police cars speeding down Finchley Road with lights flashing and sirens wailing. I stare after them, wondering if this is in some way related to Theresa May’s historic defeat in the House of Commons.

    ‘Could be anything, though,’ I think to myself wandering home, past the sleeping homeless woman on the makeshift bed in the walkway beneath the freeway. I mean it might just be that the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex are sick of being trolled on social media. I open the door to our apartment and I’m greeted by a cacophony of YouTubers. I prefer the wail of police sirens.

    Dinner is a ghastly Sri Lankan turmeric Sambar, tasting of fiery gnats. I guess the kids would need YouTubers to take their minds off the aftertaste of another attempt at Vegan-anuary.

    The BBC is all a-twitter with the ‘unprecedented’ defeat and what […]