ENID- this is a thumbnail sketch in response to the postcard below…

Enid’s tongue poked through the pink cloud of sugar and she felt a surge of what might have been hormones, but it was so long since she’s felt them stir inside her she couldn’t be sure. For the first time in three weeks she had strayed from the four walls of her new ‘home’ at Gables Retirement Home, where-a-new-life-was-waiting-just-around-the-bend. Apparently.
Oh, how that sugar seeped into then flooded her bloodstream. Platelets, whose count had been so low last Friday, heard, rejoiced and began to multiply. Fairy Floss was now here to save them.
Enid’s left ankle gave her no bother as she headed through Regent’s Park in her heavy brocade overcoat, checked scarf and cloche hat. She leaned ever so lightly on her cane and inhaled oxygen infused with sugar, demon sugar, sugar no more, all I ever wanted was you boop-be-doo, sweet poison, put a smile on my face sweet gal of mine.
Enid knew she didn’t have many moments and decided against the bench seat that presented itself on her left. She would keep walking and nibbling until they realized she was not where she was supposed to be, the Gables Room for the afternoon Quiz and that security would be duly called.
You can’t really nibble fairy floss. You stick your nose into the shimmering nest and let it melt away on your tongue. Extract a long wodge with a sucking motion with the expectation it will satisfy like dough, but it too disappears into crystalline liquid in the back of your throat.
Enid pulled her face back from the fluorescent pink cloud and sighed with contentment. Somewhere a bee buzzed.