Published 1 November 2009
Children’s Fiction, ages 7+

“There was no doubt at all that Edie Amelia Sparks was in possession of a fine talent for keeping things ordered when all around her was in chaos.”

Edie Amelia Sparks is a neat girl with very messy parents.

While checking that her party outfit for her ninth birthday is in order, she discovers that one of her most treasured possessions – a red monkey shoe with a crimson tassel on the toe – is missing. With the help of her unusual dog Mr Pants, and her arch nemesis/best friend Cheesy Chompster, Edie Amelia sets out to solve the mystery of the missing shoe.

What the critics said:

“With lovely visual descriptions, fun, quirky and amiable characters… this fanciful book has certainly prepped Lee for more Edie Amelia adventures. I, for one, would be keen to see what this delightful and whimsical character gets up to next.” Kids Book Review

“This is the rare sort of story that kids will adore and adults will genuinely enjoy reading with them.” Family Circle

“… Sophie Lee has created a tale of daring, courage and endurance. Verdict: The twin plots and unexpected twist at the end form a page-turner and an exciting read.” The Daily Telegraph.