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So, earlier this year my family and I pulled up stumps and made the big move from sunny Australia to what is today a frosty, Brexit-y London. To date, pitfalls, hazards, wardrobe malfunctions, bust- ups and blow-outs have outnumbered the one or two small victories but I remain optimistic. I don’t think I could ever have anticipated just how challenging it would be to restart life in a new and unfamiliar environment, but can promise you will hear more about it through my regular blogs.

As I sit at a desk in what my three children call Homework Jail, it’s all glimpses of scaffolding and plastic wrapped building sites, flaming red and orange leaves and the habitual darting of squirrels overlaid with a soundtrack of jets and sirens, the bang and clatter of building and rebuilding (‘ like giants moving furniture’ I say to anyone who can hear me) and the squawking of kids from one of the eight or so schools on this street alone. For this I traded the Pacific Ocean, early morning swims and south-easterly breezes?

Anyway, it is from this new and bracing atmosphere of conker battles and frequent trips to Tesco’s pastry shelf for reviving cinnamon buns, that I write to you with news and advice for anyone daft enough to consider uprooting their family and moving to the other side of the world.

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  1. 17 November 2016

    “Quick, give me your backpacks! I’m pretending I’m in training to climb Everest.” This strange request is a regular fixture of our weekday mornings and results in my hauling leaden school packs, sports totes, swimming kits, science experiments, papier mache representations of the Isle of Wight and book bags up the hill.

    “Take all the bags you want, Mum, you’ll never make it to the actual mountain,” says my older son, relieved of his burden and with plenty of renewed energy to sass me. They don’t understand that Everest is more than an epic climb and fitness incentive to me. It’s a whopping big metaphor for how it has been, adjusting to life a new country. Some days I feel I can tackle anything. On other days I hide in the laundry like a fearful dog on Guy Fawkes Night.

    Since arriving in London some months ago, I have got [...]

  2. 11 November 2016

    You would think I’d have family travel down by now, after having flown Sydney to London with babies and toddlers in tow more times than I care to count, but there’s always room for improvement. Now that my brood are a bit more independent: they now have their own backpacks for which they are solely responsible and can fasten their own seat belts, I can focus on sharpening my own travel style and packing skills. This includes pondering what’s ahead and what the weather may have in store, anticipating what the dress codes might dictate, knowing how to make a silk shirt work for me five ways but always, always expecting the unexpected.

    They may not be babies anymore but I find it’s always helpful to have a few items packed in carry on luggage for emergencies, such as the one that befell us the last time we were travelling [...]

  3. 13 February 2012

    Feb 13.

    I’m getting bloggers-guilt on top of my cupcake-anxiety. My youngest turns five today and I’ve some baking to do. You’d think, three kids down the line, that I’d have had ample years to perfect the cupcake but all I’ve mastered is the art of buying cakes at vastly inflated prices in lieu of making a burnt mess that then needs cleaning up. However, my new year’s resolution is to get a grip, to have more dollars and sense. (Less puns would be good too but I’ll start that next month.) None of this provides a very good excuse for my lack of blogging, so I’m going to fill you in on my Xmas vacation in exchange for your leniency.


    Headline news?  I learnt to ski. The only other time I had a crack at it  was twenty-five years ago- and that [...]