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So, earlier this year my family and I pulled up stumps and made the big move from sunny Australia to what is today a frosty, Brexit-y London. To date, pitfalls, hazards, wardrobe malfunctions, bust- ups and blow-outs have outnumbered the one or two small victories but I remain optimistic. I don’t think I could ever have anticipated just how challenging it would be to restart life in a new and unfamiliar environment, but can promise you will hear more about it through my regular blogs.

As I sit at a desk in what my three children call Homework Jail, it’s all glimpses of scaffolding and plastic wrapped building sites, flaming red and orange leaves and the habitual darting of squirrels overlaid with a soundtrack of jets and sirens, the bang and clatter of building and rebuilding (‘ like giants moving furniture’ I say to anyone who can hear me) and the squawking of kids from one of the eight or so schools on this street alone. For this I traded the Pacific Ocean, early morning swims and south-easterly breezes?

Anyway, it is from this new and bracing atmosphere of conker battles and frequent trips to Tesco’s pastry shelf for reviving cinnamon buns, that I write to you with news and advice for anyone daft enough to consider uprooting their family and moving to the other side of the world.

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  1. 15 January 2019

    January Diary

  2. 29 November 2018

    So there I was flippantly pondering what effect Brexit would have on the social kiss hello. Would the quasi-Continental both- cheek kiss greeting,  the most commonly observed formality in London,  no longer be palatable post -Brexit? What exactly  did  the pre-EU full English kiss hello consist of? Was it like the current Australian greeting amongst friends ; a shoulder barge followed by a hearty smack on the left cheek (well that’s the way I do it)? Or was it a stiff upper lip air kiss like a haughty hen inhaling the breeze as it lays an egg in a mild November mist?What I think I’m enquiring about is this: will we need to revert to the kissing customs of 20 years ago to honour  the imminent departure from the EU?

    But this flippancy has melted into fear at the latest news. It has mostly been possible, up until now, to [...]

  3. 20 June 2018

    My youngest child is puffy-eyed from lack of sleep and therefore sluggishly dressing for World War 2 Day. Much to his disgust, boys  are not allowed to come dressed as soldiers flaunting weapons, but rather, as children who are about to be evacuated from Blitz-y London to the countryside with all its anticipative magical wardrobes. Items I’ve been able to forage for this event so far consist of skater shorts with pockets in the wrong places to be of the period, long  socks that read the word Disorder, his usual button up white shirt, a linen blazer and a grey v neck- even though the forecast is a blazing 25 degrees and sunny. Once WW2 boy’s transformation is complete, minus the blazer which he tears off declaring it ‘IMPOSSIBLE’, the tweenager, stationed at the bench with toast, YouTube and Latin verbs, snorts loudly.

    “Don’t say anything,” I hiss, then shout [...]